98% reported increase in weekly reservations once diners taste Spantulli's Zuppe di Pesce.

SS: Why do you think your signature dish, zuppe di pesce, is so popular?

Spantulli: It’s simple, my zuppe di pesce recipe has not changed at all, in any way, since my mother and grandmother were preparing it down the shore every summer when I was a kid.

I have not added or deleted anything from their recipe. If fresh ingredients weren’t available, then they prepared something else. I follow the same philosophy. The phone at the restaurant rings off the hook with patrons calling to see if “zuppe” is on the menu. There are times when it’s not. If I’m not comfortable with the “catch,” then zuppe di pesce is not on the menu that night. I do that with all my dishes.

My signature dish, however, has brought my business to where it is today. I would say my business has grown by 93% overall because of me sticking to an old family recipe and tradition.

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